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1 Sichuan HaoHua vinyl chloride tower class pressure vessel manufacture
2 Shandong qilu pharmaceutical methylene chloride tower class pressure vessel manufacture
3 Jining kingway chemical anti-corrosion lining container production
4 British forces in ningxia chemical group pressure vessel manufacture
5 Inner Mongolia jilantai chemical group pressure vessel manufacture
6 Qinghai salt lake group pressure vessel manufacture
7 Henan chlor-alkali group tower class pressure vessel manufacture
8 India cloth mountain 1008 m3 blast furnace engineering non-standard steel components
9 Beijing MingCheng converter dust purification equipment production
10 Tangshan pine dean mills bag dust removal equipment and large pipe production installation
11 Tianjin days steel group second phase Φ 2600 gas pipeline, propylaea production installation of belt conveyor
12 Tianjin rongcheng iron and steel group, cooling water spray device manufactured and installed
13 Guangdong fo gang built deep group special resin production line installation
14 Tianjin iron and chemical co., LTD. 1.5 million tons of heavy fuel oil
15 Basf nanjing yangzi petrochemical syngas integration project

Tianjin wanda tyre group in the steam piping network of a boiler room of capacity and production installation


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